【K.S.B.A】Kodama&Suzuki Benchpress Academy


The Champions of champions

Yusuke Suzuki & Daiki Kodama starts benchpress community on Facebook.

After your payment has been confirmed, you'll have the pass word to check your Facebook account by "Kodama Daiki Manager".

This community is for

1.Motivating each other to get stronger as a team.

2.Solving benchpress question and problems by Daiki Kodama and Yusuke Suzuki.

​3.Community special mini seminars on Sunday every 2 weeks. 

※Purchase next month's pass

※If you haven't done the purchase next pass by 5th, you'll cancel the member right.

※Prepare Facebook account

※After payment has been confirmed, "Kodama Daiki Manager" will send you message.

※"Kodama Daiki Manager" is this group's owner, and he'll ask you the pass word which Daiki will send you.