​Online BenchPress Seminar

Daiki Kodama starts online personal training in Japan.

These Online Seminars is held as YouTube live.

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One seminar costs ¥5,000 (about $50)

Please put the subtitles on when you watch the seminar video.

You can repeat watching the seminar to learn bench press technique.

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1.【How to make "Kodama Grip" 《Hanoji Grip》】

The first seminar is about his grip which is pretty unique and outstanding technique.

You guys can imitate this grip, but this will cause serious injury highly possibly.

There are some steps to master this grip and you will definitely see the result.

Some of the bench pressers call this grip as Japanese grip, but this grip's name is "Hanoji Grip" in Japan.​

"There are some super techniques of Bench Press, but nobody could master them as I do. I'll explain the detail of Japanese Grip, "Hanoji Grip" in Japanese, in this seminar. If you could handle this grip on your bench press form, your PRs will be updated pretty much. I've got PRs 20kg with this grip. 185kg was succeeded at the Raw National Comp in November when I was 23 years old. After this comp, I tried to master Japanese Grip "Hanoji Grip" and succeeded 205kg as my PR in April. There are various bench press skills, but this grip skill is very hard to get used to and the effect will be pretty outstanding." Daiki Kodama

​Cost: ¥5,000- (about $50) 

2.【How to make higher arch 《Zero Bench》】Magma Akane

Higher arch can allow you bigger bench press, although only few people can make this bridge style in the world.

This Bench Press seminar will give you some tips of how to make higher arch which is not with just bending your back bone.

​If having trouble of shoulder injury and elbows pain, this seminar helps you to set up stable basement, and you will find how to leg drive as well.

After this seminar, Daiki tries to make higher arch with Magma style.

This set up method will lead his grip "Hanoji Grip" works pretty well.

If you have trouble to getting used to "Hanoi Grip", Magma set up can help the movement of scapula.

​Cost: ¥5,000- (about $50) 

3.【 Basement of Benchpress 《Scapula Movement》】

Scapula mobility can avoid injury and obviously this will be the basement to hold the weight.

Scapula movement isn't just inner rotation, but also depression.

The topic of this seminar is when and how to move scapula following your own bench press form.

Daiki Kodama has unordinary scapula movement with barbell going down.

​You will see what he intends and What the movement other bench pressers should make.

​Cost: ¥5,000- (about $50) 

4.【 Benchpress Style Distinction《Power Point Decision》】

Power Point is one of Daiki's method to define the bench press style.

Power Point's difference makes a lot of divergence, bar path, elbows direction, bottom position and top position.

Daiki has been saying that Power Point affects whole movement and you need to know what is your own natural movement.

​You'll see your own Power Point and how to move most efficiently.

​Cost: ¥5,000- (about $50)