【K's Bench Press Program】



 Daiki Kodama’s program is a Bench Press program that focuses on improving the strength of bench press.

This program will beef up your bench press with a bench press specialization workout plan suitable for each customer from top benchpresser Daiki Kodama. 

 This program also comes with extremely detailed notes on how to select your training loads, advice on how to set-up, and execute your bench press technique.To answer various demands, this program is divided into two different methods, Class Devision Program and Intensity Program.

 One of those is the optional program which suits on your Bench Press strength. Another one is the Intensity program which has extremely hard work since the first day. Both of these definitely makes you grow and get stronger than before, and what you need to prepare is your feeling, "Like Bench Press Training".


This program class is divided by your 1 Rep Max.

This is for trainees who would like to improve their strength efficiently, and trainees who the next competition is not so close.

This program gives you high intensity training programs. This program is suitable for all the trainees, and trainees who need to peak up within a few weeks.


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